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Mobile Bike Servicing Adelaide

Adelaide Mobile Bike RepairsAt Bike Shack, we offer fast, high quality servicing at some of the most competitive prices in Adelaide!  With exceptional customer service and years of experience as a Mobile bike mechanic you can be assured your bike is in good hands.

Our mobile bicycle mechanic is experienced in mountain bikes, road bikes, Downhill, BMX and just about all other types too.  With a wide range of tools and years of experience we can get your bicycle back on the road fast. Our services range from small alignments to full bike rebuilds and we cater for the professional road racer to the young children’s bicycle.

At Bike Shack, we take pride in returning a carefully and thoroughly serviced bike, which is tested in and out of the work-stand to make sure that no stone goes unturned. We service areas from Salisbury, Elizabeth, Golden Grove, Mawson Lakes, through to Morphett Vale, Glenelg, Burnside and all other suburbs within the Adelaide region.

This is what we offer you

  • Mobile Bike Servicing and Bicycle Repairs
  • Component Fitting and Upgrading
  • Bicycle Building and Tuning
  • Minor and Major Overhauls on Site
  • Huge Range of Products and Accessories
  • Services or Repairs from a Location of Your Choice

Why Choose Bike Shack?

We are a Mobile business which offers an extremely thorough job, for just a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay! Bike Shack was constructed due to the lack of quality and affordable bicycle servicing around Adelaide. Many customers have reported overpriced services elsewhere for a job half done. At Bike Shack, we have eliminated the need to pay top dollar for a ‘top dollar job’.

Walker and Mobility Services

At Bike Shack we also offer a range of services on wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices at the lowest prices in Adelaide! This is a new venture for Bike Shack, and one which is gaining a lot of traction in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide and beyond. For more information get in contact today.

At Bike Shack we only use the highest quality parts

Bike Shack has a long list of brands that we keep in stock and if we haven’t got it we can have it within a couple days. We stock parts, upgrades, consumables, tools, service kits, and much more. Our main product line includes: Maxxis, Schwalbe, Crank Brothers, Hope, Industry 9, Campanolo, DT Swiss, Cush Core, Park Tool, Unior and many other major brands.

Bike Servicing Q and A

What is the most common bike repair?

While it’s common to do complete bike services, we find that the most common job we are called for is adjusting/indexing bike gears. Many people have problems shifting between gears and attempt to rectify this problem themselves, only resulting in greater ‘shipwreck’. The gears are a finely tuned system, and therefore should only be adjusted by someone who knows exactly what each adjustment does.

How much does a bike service usually cost?

Bike services come in a variety of packages and therefore, prices. At Bike Shack, we offer a $90 service which covers the essentials of a bicycle service; gears, brakes, and an overall safety checkup. From there we can tailor the service to the customers needs. We also offer a ‘4-Star Service’ at $150, which delves deeper into major bearings and wheel alignments. Finally, a ‘5-Star Service’ valued at $220 is on offer for those looking to bring their bike’s performance to its maximum potential.

How often do I need to service my bike?

It is recommended that a bike be serviced routinely; both by a professional and by yourself. By having a professional check over your bike every 4-6 months (depending on regularity of use) you can ride knowing your bike is in no danger of failure or costly repairs. Between rides it is recommended to lubricate your chain, and keep your bike free of mud, dust, and other contaminants.

What happens in bike servicing?

A bike service at Bike Shack involves a complete viewing of your bike; inspecting the safety, wear, and adjustment of all necessary components. We also offer an ‘on bike test’ to ensure it works as intended, both in and out of the stand. We also offer replacements for worn parts and suggestions on how to get the most longevity out of your bike.

How long does a bike service take?

When servicing bikes, there is no ‘rule of thumb’. Every bike is different, and thus takes various amounts of time to complete. That being said, most ‘3-Star Services’ are performed in 20-30 minutes, so long as there are no major issues uncovered in the process. ‘4-Star’ and ‘5-Star’ services are a little more involved, and consequently takes a little longer (40 mins – 1.5 hours). Likewise, these times may vary depending on what condition the bike is in. natural brunette eats hard cock on gloryhole.