Bike Repairs and Servicing Adelaide

Bike Servicing & Repairs Adelaide

At Bike Shack, we offer fast and quality servicing, at some of the lowest prices in Adelaide! With exceptional customer service and years of experience in the game, you can be assured your bike is in good hands!

Our workshop is experienced in mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill, BMX, and stacks more! With a wide range of tools, and years of experience, we can get your bicycle back in action! Ranging from small alignments to full bike rebuilds, no job is out of the question! At Bike Shack, we take pride in returning a carefully and thoroughly serviced bike, which is tested in and out of the work-stand, for a better result.

What We Do…

  • Bike Servicing and Repairs
  • Component Fitting and Upgrading
  • Bike Building and Correcting
  • Minor and Major Overhauls
  • Range of Products and Accessories

Why Choose Bike Shack?

We are a business which offers an extremely thorough job at just a fraction of the price. Bike Shack was constructed due to the lack of quality and affordable bicycle servicing around Adelaide. Many bike stores over-price their work, and their servicing isn’t done to a high standard. At Bike Shack, we have eliminated the need to pay top dollar for a ‘top dollar job’.

Mobile Servicing

Bike shack is proud to now offer mobile servicing! We offer tube changing, part adjusting, or full bicycle services, from the comfort of your own home! Feel free to check out our ‘mobile servicing‘ page, for more info, Or jump onto our ‘contact us‘ page, to book in your mobile service!

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