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99 Bikes – Servicing and Stock

Bicycles are a massive part of our world today. Used for commuting, exercise, transporting, or just leisure, the bike has stood the test of time! Many stores have opened in the past 20 years, some with little success, others with much. 99 Bikes, is perhaps the most well known bike store in Australia today. With a large backing from many suppliers, and a big presence in the industry, 99 Bikes are well ahead of the game!

History of 99 Bikes

99 bikes all began in 2007, in ‘New South Whales’, when Matt turner purchased a small store in Milton. The store was said to only fit ’99 bikes’ in the building, hence the name. The store was ran by a small team, 7 days a week. There was a small room in the rear of the store, which was an office, workshop, and a stock room. Over time, as their business grew, a second shop was opened up in Underwood, Queensland. From this, rolled store after store. Since, they have been recruiting beginner and experienced mechanics, and trying to expand the field of bikes and knowledge to the public. Now with over 40 stores Australia wide, the company is perhaps the largest bike company in Australia!

Product& Services

At 99 Bikes, there is a huge range of bikes, accessories, tools, and services for sale. The store mainly stocking Merida, Cube, Norco, and Apollo bikes. Offering a 30 day trial period, where the buyer has a choice to either keep their bike, or swap it free of charge.

Servicing from 99 bikes is your basic workshop. Here, they hire young people to put together bikes, and mechanics, who do the general servicing that most workshops do. Although quiet dear pricing, they still stand as one of the cheaper places to get a bike serviced. However, through the period of Covid-19, they had a waiting list of at least 2 weeks… sometimes double! With such a big presence in the industry, its quiet understandable that a ‘waiting period’ would be required.

Our Servicing Options

Here at Bike Shack, we exist to offer quality servicing, at extremely competitive prices. A standard service from 99 bikes, to the general public, is looking at $139. This includes a general going over of gears, brakes, wheels, and a bit of a check over. This could be compared to our ‘Silver Service‘, which is valued at $90. Or take their Ultimate Service, which includes a full strip down, and rebuild of the bike, valued at $360. Compare this to our ‘Platinum service, valued at just $230!

This price difference, is where Bike Shack all began! Seeing the lack of ‘affordable servicing’ in Adelaide, the workshop was created. In 2016, some of the first bikes were serviced here. 4 years later, the workshop sees many bikes each day. Now branching into stocking products, such as grips, pedals, seats, and other bike upgrades, as well as a large backing of suppliers, the workshop has grown to supply Adelaide with ‘Quality & Affordable Servicing”.

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