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Author: Ben Michael

Gravel Bikes – Whats all the Hype?

The bicycle industry is a ‘fast moving’ industry. Companies are pushing new technologies, new features, and a growth in options. One category that has hit the market by storm, is the new range of gravel bikes. Brands such as Giant, Norco, Apollo, and Trek have even gotten in on the action! But lesser known brands to the Australian market are becoming increasingly well-known, as they have finally hit the spotlight! Brands such as Curve, Salsa, Kona, and other’s, are putting out some incredible bikes, with new and improved geometry, improved … natural brunette eats hard cock on gloryhole.

How Often Should I Service My Bike?

S-Works Road Bike

Servicing a bike, is often a foreign concept to people. Not many people think of getting their bicycle checked over, adjusted, and maintained; and for good reasons. Most bike owners have’nt spent more than $300 on their bike… so why would they spend more on servicing and maintenance? There are many advantages to having a mechanic look over your bike, even if its just a routine safety check. This can avoid future accidents, injury, even worse!

However, if your like me, you may have forked out $6,000 on your pride …

99 Bikes – Servicing and Stock

Bicycles are a massive part of our world today. Used for commuting, exercise, transporting, or just leisure, the bike has stood the test of time! Many stores have opened in the past 20 years, some with little success, others with much. 99 Bikes, is perhaps the most well known bike store in Australia today. With a large backing from many suppliers, and a big presence in the industry, 99 Bikes are well ahead of the game!

History of 99 Bikes

99 bikes all began in 2007, in ‘New South Whales’, …

How to Silence a Noisy Drivetrain

Giant Glory - Downhill Bike

Every bike rider likes a silent, and smooth bike! But sometimes noises and creaks on a bike are hard to find. They can occur in bearings, the chain, small misalignments, or worn parts!

The process is nearly the same for all bicycles, on or off road. In this article, it will be looked at, how your drivetrain can be completely silenced, cleaned, and made almost frictionless, to create a nicer riding bike!

Check It Out First

A common misconception is that creaking always comes from the bottom bracket. However, more …

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are one of the greatest innovations the bike world has seen! They are reliable, powerful, and can be found on a wide range of bikes! These little gems are what makes the bike world what it is today. However, hydraulic brakes have seen their fair share of issues, which are easy to come by when not being careful. Groaning, squeaking, failure to perform, etc. If they’re not properly maintained, they can be one of the most frustrating components on a bike! In the following, we will look …

The Evolution of Road Bikes

The world is run on innovation. When something is created, it just gets better and better! From day one, we have seen massive changes in bikes! With new technology, improved materials, greater understanding of physics, and the increasing popularity of the sport; massive improvements have been made in bikes! In the following, we will take a look at some of the most popular road bikes, and what has been done to increase their potential over the years, as well as some of the first bikes ever made!

Origins of the Bicycle

Giant Trance 1 (2017) Review

One of the greatest value trail bikes of all time? Let’s take a look at the 2017 Giant Trance 1!

Trance 1 Specs

The Giant Trance is an upgrade to the 2016 model, Giant Trance 1 2017as it now features 140mm of rear maestro suspension system, on a Fox float elite. Paired with a Fox 34 performance elite fork with 150mm up front! Coming standard with 760mm Giant contact SL bars (from memory), and 80-90mm reach contact SL stem (which we swapped out for a 40mm Truvativ Descendant stem). Stock built with a …

OneUp Components; EDC Pump Tool Review

Perhaps one of the most talked about multi-tool on the market; the EDC Pump from OneUp. It pumps, fixes, stores, and looks great! To examine this tool, we purchased one and gave it a go!

OneUp EDC Pump

The unique factor about this multi-tool, is that it is one of the only tools to be included/stored in a pump (without taking any extra space). The high volume pump comes in 70c, and 100c models, which relate to the air volume exerted with each pump. At Bike Shack, we have tested …

Top 10 Tools for Bike Riders

Buying a bike can be a big commitment. Generally when you spend a decent amount of cash on a bike, you want it to last you a longer time, and to run smoother. By having the right tools on hand, this can be achieved. The following will look at what tools every bike rider should own, in order to keep their bike well running, and smooth, in order to get the most out of each ride. Keeping in mind, a good mechanic should always have good tools. Buying cheap tools …

Top 10 Bike Hacks

Today bike riding is becoming an increasingly popular sport. With this popularity comes a lot of information. As you progress in your journey as a bike rider, you begin to learn little shortcuts and tricks to improving your riding, saving money, or getting your bike fixed quickly. All these tips and tricks can ultimately add up to making you a better rider. The following is my top 10 bike hacks to save money, get you back on the bike, and make your ride a whole lot more fun!

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