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How To Adjust Bike Gears

There is nothing more satisfying than a bike which is smooth, silent, and works well! One major component to a good feeling bike is the gears. Here is a full tutorial from start to finish on how to adjust your bike gears like a professional! Some of the following tips I have picked through my experience, and will hopefully help you too!

Gears come in a range of qualities, sizes, shapes, and types. However they all follow the same basic principles. The following article will cover gear cables, derailleur alignment, … natural brunette eats hard cock on gloryhole.

Top 5 Greatest Downhill Bikes of 2018

With technology increasing, and Downhill bike racing becoming a popular sport, bike manufacturers are having to meet the needs of downhill riders. Companies such as Giant, Trek, and tones more, have always stayed on top of the game. The following bikes are some of the latest designs, technologies, and materials which have been moulded into some of the greatest bikes we’ll be seeing in the 2018 race season, and beyond!

5. Transition TR11 GX

The Transition TR11 GX is an extremely agile and light weight bike. With less travel at …

How to Clean Your Bike Like a Pro

Keeping a clean bike is perhaps the most important thing you can do to your bike as a rider. It helps save money, increase the lifespan of the bike, and keeps things running smooth. A widely debated topic however, is how a bike really should be cleaned. In the following article, it will be looked at, how to safely and thoroughly clean your bike, as well as how often it should be done.

While its good to keep your bike clean, you first need to know that bikes are tough. …

Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Bike

Buying a bike can be a big decision, as they aren’t always cheap. Like anything, you really get what you pay for. However, there are some tips and tricks to purchasing a good second-hand bike for less money. Sites such as Gumtree or Facebook MTB buy and sell have some really great deals to look out for, so be fast!

Buying Second-Hand

When buying a second-hand bike, the biggest thing that can help you, is KNOWLEDGE! Without knowledge, you are taking a massive gamble when buying second hand. Does it need …

How to Bleed Avid/SRAM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Bicycle Cock-Pit

Bleeding Hydraulic Brakes

To bleed a brake, refers to the process of replacing the fluid within the brake system. This is done periodically to maintain the quality of the brake system. By keeping on top of this, you can avoid expensive replacements, and enjoy a fresh feeling brake system. Over time, hydraulic brakes can become spongy, and ineffective in braking. This is a typical sign that brakes need bleeding. Once a system is fully bled (well), it will feel firm and will extremely responsive.

Avid and SRAM both hold a fairly wide range …

Mountain Bike Trails in Adelaide

Bike Trails in Adelaide

Over the years, mountain biking has become an increasingly popular sport. And as bike technology improves, the conditions and trail features are made to test our bikes to their limits! Adelaide holds a wide variety of mountain bike trails, from your average XC rider, to the competitive endure racer! Here, we will look at some of the many trails in Adelaide, as well as some of our favourite places in SA to visit for a good day on the trails!

Cobblers Creek Mountain Bike Park

Cobblers Creek