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Mountain Bike Trails in Adelaide

Bike Trails in Adelaide

Over the years, mountain biking has become an increasingly popular sport. And as bike technology improves, the conditions and trail features are made to test our bikes to their limits! Adelaide holds a wide variety of mountain bike trails, from your average XC rider, to the competitive endure racer! Here, we will look at some of the many trails in Adelaide, as well as some of our favourite places in SA to visit for a good day on the trails!

Cobblers Creek Mountain Bike Park

Cobblers Creek Recreational Park is an oldie but a goodie! This park (now) has around 20 different tracks, from jump tracks, to pump tracks, to downhill single lines, to XC loops. The Cobblers Creek Bike Park is suited to all level riders, but tailored more to the beginner/intermediate rider. Riding here, most riders seem to find their way to Short n SweetNorthern Downhill, and the jump tracks. These are some of the best made trails in Cobblers Creek for downhill flowing fun!

Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park

Next, and perhaps one of the most talked about bike parks in Adelaide; Fox Creek. This is where a lot of Adelaide endure and downhill racing has been held. With a wide range of tracks for beginners, right through to well advanced riders, this park is a loved, and extremely enjoyable trail for all levels of riders! 

Fox creek includes a winery at the top of the trails, and a popular café down the bottom! With great facilities for shuttling, as well as a couple climbing tracks, Fox Creek always makes for a good day out!

Recently (2020), there were some fires which came through the Cudlee Creek area, which many homes were lost, and trails ruined! Since, there has been some good revegetation, and we have seen many locals getting out, and doing some brilliant work on the beloved trail network. The trails are said to be back open in 2021!

Kersbrook Trails

Since the fires which destroyed a large amount of land through the Cudlee Creek area, many locals have moved to the well loved trails at Kersbrook! With some controversy recently on a few existing trails being shut down, some locals have put their effort into the western side of Kersbrook’s trails. Now with some of Adelaide’s best trails (Jumps Revamped, Ball-blower, happy Trails), we’ve seen an unimaginable amount of interest drawn to the Kersbrook network of trails! now with wooden drops, jump lines, steep descents, the trails are built with 1 thing in mind… FUN!

You can find more information on the mountain bike trails in Kersbrook here.


Although not in Adelaide, Melrose is a much loved trail destination for all styles of mountain bike riders! It holds stacks of jumps, wooden features, and some unique adventure loops.

Melrose is an ideal place for most XC and enduro riders. If your a downhill rider, it can be a bit of a nightmare, if you don’t know your way around. Fortunately there is a little bike shop, about 300 meters from the bottom of the mountain, called Over The Edge Sports who are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

While I was at Melrose, I was able to try out one of the locals favourite downhill trails. Although it took me about 20 minutes to get to the top, once I made it there, I enjoyed a rocky, fast downhill trail, which held some jumps, and even a small pipe to go through (as seen in the picture). It wasn’t the best trail I’ve ridden, but it was a good experience, and with more time there, I’m sure I would have learned more about where the trails actually were.


There’s stacks more trails around Adelaide, another big one being Eagle MTB Park. As time goes on, I’ll venture into these trails and update this article. Checkout this link for more information on great Local Mountain Bike trails. Need a downhill bike to ride these trails? Checkout our top 5 ranked downhill bikes of 2018!

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