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Mobile Bike Servicing and Repairs – Adelaide

Bike Shack is a mobile bicycle service, which servicing, repairs, and upgrading, from the convenience of your own home/workplace! We offer a range of services, and products to keep your bike running in top possible performance! With over 5 years in the game, you can be sure that no job is too large for us! We offer tyres, tubes, brake and gear components, upgrades, and stacks more.

Bike Shack has a fully stocked ‘Four-Wheel-Drive’, loaded with tools, upgrades, and bike care products, for purchase! Located in the Northern suburbs, we drive anywhere within the suburbs of Adelaide, from workplaces, to homes, to parks! We offer 2 main services on the go. Our ‘3-Star Service’ is a general go-over, which attends to the basic needs of every bike. Tuning gears, adjusting brakes, and a general safety check/adjust. For the more serious rider, we offer a ‘5-Star Service’, which seeks to pull apart the major bearings, and check the bikes overall health. Also included are all new brake, and gear cables! More information can be found here.

Feel free to get in contact, and book your bike in for its next spa-day! Check out our website for more details on pricing, services, and articles, on how you can better maintain your bike from home!

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