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Mobile Bike Servicing

Bike Shack offers bicycle services, on the go! We conduct services on your bike, at your convenience. From your workplace, home, or any destination convenient to you! In our mobile workshop, we carry replacement parts, and upgrades, as well as other supplies to keep your bike in top running condition! We are supplied with Maxxis tyres, Schwalbe, Funn, KWT, SunRace, and stacks of other ‘big name’ brands!

Below is a list of mobile services and prices we offer, to the public! Feel free to check out more of our website, or get in contact today!

3 Star Service $90

The ‘3 Star Service’, consists of everything you might need to get your bike checked out, adjusted, and back in action! This service looks at gears, brakes, any loose or worn parts, as well as a general health check/inspection! Always a good option for the rider wanting their bike to be adjusted and working as it should!

4 Star Service $150

The ‘4 Star Service’ is a service for the rider, who wants a longer-lasting bike. This service, goes into the headset bearings, and looks at the alignment of wheels and spoke tension. Also included, is a general health check, and adjustment, to all moving parts. The service also comes with fine tuning of the hubs, and a check over the bottom bracket, for any wear, or need for replacement.

5 Star Service $220

The ‘5 Star Service’ is a service for the serious rider, who wants their bike running silently and efficiently. This goes deeper into headset bearings, and includes all new gear and brake cables! Also included, is a general health check, a general cleaning of the whole bike, and all gears, brakes, and any other moving parts adjusted! Recommended for the bike that hasn’t been used in a while, or for the higher end bike, in need of some routine attention!