Mountain Bike Trails in Adelaide

Bike Trails in Adelaide

Over the past 20 years, mountain biking has become a highly popular sport! And as noticed, Adelaide isn’t falling behind any time soon! There are many trails around Adelaide, perfect for all types of MTB riders. The hardest part is finding these tracks. Through Adelaide, there are many which aren’t well knows, or are hard to find. Having been riding downhill/Trail bikes for a bit over 4 years, I feel confident to bring you some of my favorite trails around Adelaide.

Cobblers Creek Mountain Bike Park

The first trail I ever took my downhill bike to was Cobblers Creek Recreational Park. This park (now) has around 20 different tracks, from jump tracks, to pump tracks, to downhill single lines, to XC loops. The Cobblers Creek Bike Park is suited to all level riders. Riding here, my favorite tracks quickly became Short n SweetNorthern Downhill, and the jump tracks. This has to be my ‘go to’ MTB park, as its close to home , holds stacks of trails, and has a great road running up the middle which is great for shuttles.

Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park

Next, and perhaps one of the most talked about bike parks in Adelaide; Fox Creek. This is where a lot of Adelaide championships are held. With a wide range of tracks for beginners, right through to well advanced riders, this park is a loved, and extremely enjoyable trail for all levels of riders!

Fox Creek is in my top few bike locations, as there is so much option, great scenery, and the trails are all well maintained!

Kersbrook Trails

After having ridden at a few different locations, I came across ‘Devil’s Gully’ on YouTube. Located in Kersbrook, Devil’s Gully holds many trails, mostly XC style. However, with some searching, I was able to find a good downhill trail or two, which run along side Mt. Gawler Road, starting at the junction of Mt. Gawler Road and Airstrip Road. These tracks are probably my favourite to ride, as they are full of jumps, drop-offs, table tops, and berms. The track in the video is separated into two halves. As you exit the first half onto a fire track, head right, about 50 meters up the track, you’ll see the second half on your left.

While Kersbrook is fun, don’t forget to bring your tools, and gear, as the nearest bike shop is a bit over 20 km away, which is us… BIKE SHACK!

You can find more information on the mountain bike trails in Kersbrook here.


Only recently, in early 2017, I ventured up to see the Melrose bike tracks. The trails in Melrose are all located on a massive mountain called Mount Remarkable. On this mountain, there are dozens of trails from day XC trips, to some DH tracks. I only found a few suitable for downhill riding, however a lot of them require a bit of a to the top of the hill. There is a 200 meter long road which takes you up a small way, where there are a few trails leading down the hill (about 3 mini trails). The rest are all an ‘uphill to go downhill’ style trail.

Melrose is an ideal place for most XC and endure riders. If your a downhill rider, it can be a bit of a nightmare, if you don’t know your way around. Fortunately there is a little bike shop, about 300 meters from the bottom of the mountain, called Over The Edge Sports who are more than happy to point you in the right direction of any trails.

While I was at Melrose, I was able to try out one of the locals favourite downhill trails. Although it took me about 20 minutes to get to the top, once I made it there, I enjoyed a rocky, fast downhill trail, which held some jumps, and even a small pipe to go through (as seen in the picture). It wasn’t the best trail I’ve ridden, but it was a good experience, and with more time there, I’m sure I would have learned more about where the trails actually were.


There’s stacks more trails around Adelaide, another big one being Eagle MTB Park. As time goes on, I’ll venture into these trails and update this article. Checkout this link for more information on great Local Mountain Bike trails. Need a downhill bike to ride these trails? Checkout our top 5 ranked downhill bikes of 2018!

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