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OneUp Components; EDC Pump Tool Review

Perhaps one of the most talked about multi-tool on the market; the EDC Pump from OneUp. It pumps, fixes, stores, and looks great! To examine this tool, we purchased one and gave it a go!

OneUp EDC Pump

The unique factor about this multi-tool, is that it is one of the only tools to be included/stored in a pump (without taking any extra space). The high volume pump comes in 70c, and 100c models, which relate to the air volume exerted with each pump. At Bike Shack, we have tested the 100c model, and loved the experience!

The pump effortlessly pumps up your tyres, and is simply pushed on to the valve, and pumped. No locking levers required. Unfortunately this pump is only currently suitable for presta valves. The pump is a water tight, solid build, which makes just about any other mini-pump look cheap! The textured finish, metallic green, and slim design don’t leave your bike looking heavy and messy. Over all, the pump its self is a great, strong unit.

As an added bonus, OneUp include a cage mount, which allows it to be mounted tot eh frame via the bottle cage screws, or under your existing bottle cage! The free cage too feels of great quality, and a secure design. There is very slim to no chance of it ever falling off, with its added elastic lock string for added security!

OneUp EDC Multi-Tool

Now down to the part everyone wants this tool for… The multi-tool inside!!! This hidden gem is a fantastic little tool, and will get you out of almost any trouble on the trail. The tool includes; 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex keys, 8mm hex key function, EDC top cap tool, chain breaker, tyre lever, chainring bolt, presta valve core, 0, 1, 2, 3 spoke keys! The handy tool also has the ability to break free quick-links, using the top cap tool, and the Allen key next to it! With all this compacted into the small multi-tool, there is no reason to carry any other tool.

The tool is stored into a mini capsule, which fits into the pump perfectly. Also on this capsule is a quick-link storage, and a water proof small storage compartment, which can be replaced with a 20g CO2 cartridge.


There is a massive list of pros for this tool. Its compact, handy, replaces a back pack, mounts to nearly any bike, looks stylish, and is extremely user friendly! The tool overall is just a great addition to just about any bike. The product is also of extremely high quality, and I don’t see it breaking any time soon! And the fact that you can store cash in the small compartment, as well as a small key, or any other necessity, makes it just too good to be true!


The tool, while extremely compact, is a little on the heavier side. Weighing around 227g, the pump is quiet a solid build. However, in comparison to the weight of a back-pack, it is definitely a lot lighter. Also, the pumps pressure. The pump reaches around 40psi, before it starts to struggle! It will continue to pump, but does require a bit of force. Lastly, the price! To buy my EDC pump and multi-tool, it cost around AU $100 for the pump, and AU $80 for the multi-tool. At $180, it is definitely an expensive product.


Over all, the pump is quality, compact, and saves on wearing a back-pack. If you are looking for 1 unit to do it all, the OneUp EDC Multi-tool Pump is the way to go! While expensive, I believe it will last me as long as I ride. After using the Allen keys, and tyre lever a few times, I have noticed exceptional quality, stiffness, and strength. Over all, a must-have for any style rider!

For where to purchase, click here for great prices and offers!

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