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How Often Should I Service My Bike?

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Servicing a bike, is often a foreign concept to people. Not many people think of getting their bicycle checked over, adjusted, and maintained; and for good reasons. Most bike owners have’nt spent more than $300 on their bike… so why would they spend more on servicing and maintenance? There are many advantages to having a mechanic look over your bike, even if its just a routine safety check. This can avoid future accidents, injury, even worse!

However, if your like me, you may have forked out $6,000 on your pride and joy! Maybe more? For this reason, we want to avoid ‘after market’ expenses. Thats where servicing comes in to save the day! For example, a $50 service, may save you $300 in the future. Most people don’t realise that the general rule for chains, is that you can get 2 chains on 1 cassette, and 2 cassettes to 1 front chainring. So, if you run your chain past the recommended wear point, it means you have to replace the chain, and cassette (maybe even the front chain ring). For a simple routine check up, issues like these, can be caught before major issues begin to occur.

So what are the signs of a bicycle in need of servicing?

Depending on how often you use your bike, what the conditions are like, and what style of riding you do, will depend on the regularity your bike will require attention. Small things such as cleaning your bike often, and knowing how to not abuse your components (like crunching gears etc.) will add to your bikes wellness, and overall performance. But its not as hard as it sounds! A simple ‘routine safety check’ done every 4 months, by a professional, would be an ideal senario. And these are not all that expensive. From this, a mechanic will give you an idea of what may need adjustig, and what may need replacing etc. They can then go into a deeper look, if something seems amiss.

Besides routine check ups, if ever you crash your bike, hear a new noice (creaking, groaning, etc.), it may be worth dropping it in for a quick check-up too.

What Service is for Me?

Services vary between businesses, as do pricing and methods of mechanics. But generally, it pays to shop around, and find the best prices, and best Google reviews. From there, you need to asess how much you value your bike, and what your willing to invest into it? Keeping in mind, the more you spend, the deeper the service goes. But sometimes, it may not need to be completely disassembled. It may only need to be tweaked.

My general recommendation to all customers, is to start with a basic service, and let me assess what else may need doing. Unless the customer knows exactly what they want, and what it needs, its best to start lower, and work your way up! None-the-less, for those wanting a ‘brand new’ feeling bike, they can’t be blamed for upping their service to a ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’.

Another aspect to consider, is your level of riding. Do you race? Do you enjoy leasurly riding? Or is it your primary mode of transport? All of these questions should be assessed. Yet, at teh end of the day, it all comes down to your budget, your interests, and what you believe is the best option to keep your 2-wheeled friend in good order!

What is Included in a Service?

Services will vary between price points, and stores. Most of the time, they are listed on their website, as we have done here. But a general service should look at the general health of your bike, adjust brakes and gears, check all components are opertating as they should, and be safe to ride out of the door (unless concerns are raised by either party). Things will be lubed (such as chains, and other pivoting parts), and minor adjustments to different components. As price increases, different bearings, components, and accessories will be cleaned out, and re-greased. The more you pay, the deeper the mechanic will operate! This is the general rule of thumb.

All in all, getting a bike serviced is reasonably cheap, and headache free. It involves wheeling your bike in the store, and coming back a day or 2 later to collect it. The better the mechanic/store, the easier the process. We like to make it a simple ‘give us the bike, and we’ll hand it back better’ process. Becuse, not everyone knows about, or even cares about, what goes into the background and mechanics of a bike. They just simply want to hoop on it, and forget its under them! If your’e looking for qualified Mobile Bike Repairs please give Bike Shack a call.

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